How To Update A Garmin GPS

Garmin is a well-known brand which is recognized for providing quality GPS devices for Cars, Trucks, Buses, Bike, and other vehicles. This company came into existence after 1989 and since then it has been providing Garmin GPS for various vehicles. The motto of this company states, ‘Design to Last’ and keeping this motto in mind the products offered are accurate, durable and innovative in the field of GPS. We have offered detailed information about products of Garmin, its models, features, and process to Update Garmin GPS and Garmin Maps Update.

Charge your device

Plug in your device’s charging cable, and allow it to charge to 100 percent.

Open Garmin Express

Connect the device to the computer, and launch the Garmin Express software.

Back up the device

Click “Device” in Garmin Express, and then click “Back Up.” Click “Backup Now.” Disconnect your device from the computer.

Install Web Updater

Download the Web Updater software from Garmin’s website. Follow the onscreen instructions on the wizard to install the software.

Update your Garmin device

Connect your device to the computer. Follow the onscreen instructions to update your device. Keep the Web Updater software installed, and update your device on a regular basis.

Navigate to the Maps section on Garmin’s website

Go to the home page of Gamin’s website, and click on “Maps” from the main navigation menu.

Check for updates

Check for map updates by right clicking on the Content Manager program icon and selecting “Check for Updates Now.”

Update maps

Click the “Find Map Updates” link, and navigate through the prompts to update the maps on your device.

Add more maps

Go back to the main “Maps” section, and add maps that are missing from your device.

Download updates

A screen appears when an update is available. Select “Update Now” to start the update. The update progress is displayed in the progress bar.

Complete the update

Once the update has completed, a message appears that directs the user to disconnect the device from the computer. Once disconnected, wait for the device to restart on its own.

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